Wow. Australia’s bag rage. Fascinating in terms of behaviour change and communication.

Here’s an example:

Woolworths, you have totally botched this plastic bag thing and I bet Coles will be no better!” raged one customer on Twitter. Wherever and whenever possible I will no longer shop with you.”

Others seem to think the entire thing is a devious money-making scheme designed to impoverish us all.

Anyone has the same thoughts as me?” asked one Twitter user in the manner of your friend’s cousin who totally knows that 9/11 was an inside job because he watched this documentary one time. Supermarkets are now charging us for … bags! Charging us!!! Don’t you make enough from us!?”

One man on the Coles Facebook page seemed cautiously supportive of the bag ban overall, but still managed to identify a conspiracy.

Kudos to Coles Forest Lakes for handing out free 15c bags,” he began. My issue is that single males shopping were being pointedly ignored in being given one of your free Coles bags.

Good on you,” he finished bitterly, for perpetuating the divide.”

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