Why Did Amazon Make a Phone? (And what can you learn from that)


Why did you make a phone?


Our product development process always starts the same way. We don’t start out by saying, We have to build an X.” We say, If we were going to build an X, how would it be different? How would it be better?” And it can’t just be different. It has to be different constrained by customers caring. It’s easy to be different if you don’t constrain it that way. But it has to be useful

Lots to learn from Bezos.

Now if you are creating new products and services for the disability sector, would you start the product development process like this?

How will you be different but more importantly how is it going to be useful. What aspect of the wants, needs and aspiration of your customer are you going to focus?

Follow the three steps. Understanding value for customers, then creating value and lastly how will you create impact and capture a part of the value you create in order to build a sustainable business model.


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