U-Lab: Prototyping the 21st-Century University

The ability to see ourselves and our systems and our communities and what needs to change and why — could be the most powerful.

Fascinating :

Maybe the finest role of universities in this century would be to nurture this capacity not only among individuals, organizations, and systems, but on the level of society–by holding up a mirror, helping individuals and their institutions to see themselves from the evolving whole, creating a genuine space for self-reflection and for dialogue on what may well be the most important conversation of our time: who we are as human beings, who we want to be, and what future society we want to live in.

The U-Lab aspires to be a step into this direction–a prototype. To make it work at the scale necessary today will require many collaborators. If you want to support this effort, please share this link, register for the Lab (which is free;sign up here), or even sign up to co-convene one of its hubs. Let us know what you think. Thank you!


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