Tom Loosemore on internet era working

From his blog post


Our definition of digital says: Applying the culture, processes, business models & technologies of the internet-era to respond to people’s raised expectations.”

Once they’ve heard that, the next thing people always ask us is: OK. But how? How do I make that happen in my organisation?”

Good question.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the answer to that. Between us, we’ve collectively made a lot of mistakes over the last 20+ years of digital delivery, and learned from every one of them. We think the answer looks something like this: a todo list for putting internet-era ways of working into action.

Some of this will sound familiar to those of you who know the UK government design principles. You could think of those as an earlier iteration of this list. Now we’ve moved beyond the UK government and started working internationally, and with non-government institutions, we’re noticing how many people understand the design principles, but want help on how to put them into practice.

So we don’t intend this list to be a replacement for the design principles. It’s more like a new branch of the repository. Clearly, there’s further iteration to come.

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