The yogic paths of design

George Supreeth on LinkedIn

If design work was the path to enlightenment what sort of yogi are you? In my thought experiment, there are 4 types in the modern organisation.

The Jnana Yogi tries to understand design by crafting and proposing intricate models and schemas. Her method is primarily bookish and intellectual.

The Karma Yogi is a maker. He does not have the time or patience for lofty intellectualizing and believes that design is primarily doing.

The Kriya Yogi believes in internal development. She thinks that design is too complex to rationalize, and relies on a weird mash of mindfulness, MBTIs, psychotherapy, NLP…

The Bhakti yogi relies on devotion. He thinks that emotional oneness erases barriers and makes design meaningful and so thinks of design in terms of emotional intelligence.

All these are still on the right hand path, the Dakshina Marga. What the business world accommodates within its universe.

There is another type who lives outside these boundaries. The wild eyed, ash smeared yogi who follows the left-hand path. It involves the creative destruction of all frameworks, leaving her in the space between categories. This way is dangerous and has historically lead to madness and as a result, ostracization.

I follow a lot of these types on Linkedin.

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