The India - Australia economic connection

A big passion and opportunity I see is the economic connection between Australia and India.

How might we do this? In the journey of understanding I am taking to make this happen today I am New Delhi, the capital of the country and the power centre.

What does the government see as the key sectors that matter? Where can Australia play a role?

Meeting with the Ministry of External Affairs and especially their economic diplomacy division.

It was a fantastic experience.

Key points :

  • shared key sectors where we can bring Australian companies and technology to India
  • how the government is opening up a few sectors for 100% FDI
  • where the focus areas for Prime Minister Modi is
  • how they are ready to.open doors and make it happen
  • totally behind the idea and will support

Can’t ask for more.

More updates coming.

Let me know if you want to take your company to India. Keen to hear your aspirations and challenges.

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