The Counterintuitive Thing About Counterintuitive Things

Great post on starting something new by StartupLJackson. Totally relevant to intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. 

If your goal is to build a startup, you need a more proactive strategy; a way to develop a novel thesis and amass the information you will need to execute agains it. Think about your worldview—the thing which drives your intuition—as a framework or ruleset which is never fully complete. Intuition is how you apply this ruleset to new sets of facts. 

The best way to develop a better framework than others is to approach the task consciously, and to work constantly at it. While others will often suggest the best thing you can do as a founder is learn to code, this is in fact one of the worst uses of your time (unless you enjoy puzzles, in which case it’s great). Most important software startups in 2014 are fundamentally about solving big human problems within the context of human systems with boring technology. If you accept this premise, your time is best spent developing insights into human needs and behaviors that existing frameworks (conventional wisdom) do not account for.

He goes on to suggest good ways to learn about people and human behavior and the needs and wants they have.

Fundamentally this should drive you to business model innovation which is the key to lot of the startups lately and not technological advances.


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