The clients

The best part of my work is the opportunity to work with passionate, talented and committed individuals in social enterprises, not for profits, in the government, universities and artistic institutions.

These individuals are all entrepreneurs in my view (or intrapreneurs, if they are inside the organisation). They are tackling important issues like:

  • child abuse,
  • youth suicide,
  • using arts for disabled people,
  • improving the land use in melbourne
  • creating a network for organic and locally grown food hubs
  • improving the environment and exploring economic opportunities for people
  • domestic violence
  • helping young people find a job
  • creating a better life for baby boomers when they retire
  • and on…and on…

The ability to support their ideas, provide a direction, help them create meaning in their work, provide a path towards something bigger and helping them test and innovate is quite a satisfying experience.

The tools, frameworks and methodologies are just a way to make this happen.


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