Tesla’s most disruptive product may not be its electric cars

Tesla and Musk have been fascinating for many years now. Joh McDuling writes in QZ about Tesla’s new batteries plant, the Gigafactory.

Tesla has much to gain by building the facility. Firstly, it will help speed up car production. And it should also help sales. It will lead to a major reduction” in the cost of Tesla’s battery packs and enable the company to build an affordable, mass-market electric car within three years, Musk said. At the moment, the main thing restricting Tesla’s skyrocketing sales (see below) is the supply of battery cells

That alone might sound exciting enough. But the mass production of Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries could enable their use to power all sorts of activities beyond cars. It’s already happening; Telsa’s batteries have been used to store electricity from rooftop solar panels in California, for example.


Morgan Stanley, which also is bullish on the stock, is even more ebullient. We are witnessing the most disruptive intersection of manufacturing, innovation and capital experienced by the auto industry in more than a century,” gushed analyst Adam Jonas in a note. Tesla may be in position to disrupt industries well beyond the realm of traditional auto manufacturing. It’s not just cars.”

And possibly this is one reason Apple is in talks with Tesla. As John-Louise Gasse estimates, both of them may need the same amount of batteries in 2014 and possibly that’s the best connection.

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