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Strategy for ImpactStrategy for Impact

  The Strategy for a not for profit needs to be absolutely focussed on impact. At the service innovation level, we do that by using co-design to work with people whom we are creating change for to design what a new solution should be. The strategy stuff is actually no different. If strategy is about making choices and understanding what value is for customers, how can we do that sitting at our offices? How can market research and numbers help in that? Learning from Peter Drucker, Customers in this context is two kinds of people. One, primary customer (a), the person whom you are creating change for and Supporting customers. Supporting customers can be broken down into financial supporters (b), who needs to see value in your work to pay for this and Other supporters (c) because you have to create change in an ecosystem. As Drucker suggests, we have to go and listen to customers and see what they see as value. Customer-segments.png This is exactly what co-design is useful for. Right now I am creating a Strategy for Impact” methodology and process that helps organisations think about their assumptions about environment, about their mission about who their customers are and what they see as value. I am using co-design to understand what is value for primary and supporting customers. This should help in understanding how this organisation can create new value which will lead to value innovation.

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