Product design to Innovation

Blast from the past. Bruce Nussbaum in BusinessWeek in 2004.

photo credit: Alex Osterwalder via photopin cc photo credit: Alex Osterwalder via photopin cc

Designers are teaching CEOs and managers how to innovate. IDEO, ZIBA Design, and other players run workshops to help business people better understand and meet their customers’ desires. Companies are creating chief design officer” slots, and designers are helping corporations build their own innovation centers. The hot design firms in the U.S. today call themselves design innovators,” not product designers” (see BW, 5/17/04, The Power of Design”).

They pitch themselves to businesses as a resource to help with a broad array of issues that affect strategy and organization — creating new brands, defining customer experiences, understanding user needs, changing business practices. And yes, if corporations want a nifty look for something manufactured here or abroad, American designers still do that, too.

I learnt a about design thinking and its value after working in TACSI where design is a core part of our work in creating social change. Never learnt about that in the MBA. The key is using design thinking approach in all the work we do.


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