Natural home for energy intensive industry

From AFR, on Mike Cannon Brookes idea of fairdinkumpower.

Ross Garnaut, economics professor at the University of Melbourne and president of SIMEC ZEN Energy, which is building firm renewable power plants for British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta’s Whyalla steel works, said: Unless we muck it up with policy uncertainty and astonishingly bad policy and regulation we are naturally the lowest cost energy producer in the emerging low carbon world economy, and that will make us the natural home for energy intensive industries.”

Professor Garnaut, who first made the clean energy superpower case in 2015, said it could eventually be economic to export power as well.

When the idea showed up first on twitter this is what I said.

For me we have to use this to create a long term economic opportunity. Not just importing. Local tech, local startups and export to the world. We move from exporting coal to exporting renewable energy tech and systems.

Climate change is real. However, where should Australia play?

Not just having solar panel roofs which are imported from China. If we have a 100% renewable energy even then we cannot make a difference to the climate change challenges.

So what can we do?

We create the tech, systems and the energy to enable other countries to become renewable.

That can be exported. It can create significant low carbon emissions that will change the trajectory.

Lets move from solar panel roofs to energy systems for the world.

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