Learning from the Swifter about creating new products

How the Swifter was made:

Craig Wynett at Procter and Gamble got it started,” he says. He came to us and asked if we could build a team and come up with a better product for cleaning the floor. That took some thinking.”

And what better way than by hanging out at people’s houses and watching them clean? So the team proceeded to do this at roughly 18 homes in Boston and Cincinnati. The answer became clear after a while,” he says. You watched them mop and you saw half the time was spent cleaning the mop. You have to, otherwise you’re just putting dirt back onto your floor.”

In fact, he developed five-steps for this process:

Alignment: Meet with the client until you’re clear on what they want to do.

Learn: Spend time out in the field in research with people who will use the product or service.

Analysis: Take all you’ve learned and think about it fundamentally. What are the principles and the frameworks that have emerged?

Envisioning, Prototyping, Testing, and Iteration: Create the prototype, test it with consumers, change it so it’s better, then finalize the right direction for the client to move in.

Deployment: Pulling information together as needed so the client can complete the product or service.

I could not have said it better. We all know what to do, now it’s our turn to go ahead and do it.


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