Innovation is a team sport

In Lattice work of social innovation I discussed the various disciplines and models we need to create better outcomes and solve the tough problems in the world.

For this, you need more than one person. A team.

Jeffrey Phillips makes a good case for a team rather than a superman.

No man is an island, and very few of us can manage all of the tasks necessary to develop a new idea from initial need to final commercialization.  Anyone who suggests otherwise is simply missing the point or overlooking a lot of contributions from others.

People who point to Steve Jobs fail to realize that he had a number of important collaborators, including Wozniak (who did all the initial engineering) to Jonathan Ive (who did a lot of the design for the i” products) to a wealth of people in marketing, engineering, and manufacturing.  Jobs was an important contributor and demonstrates the engagement we’d like to see from many CEOs, but Apple isn’t and wasn’t a one-man show.  It takes hundreds of people to manage the creation of a new product; Jobs was merely a very brilliant front man for the enterprise, and a good innovator himself

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