Humanomics Manifesto

The Why What and How of Humanomics

In starting this blog, I wrote about Humanomics and my journey into this and why I am doing what I am doing. Inspired by Ash Maurya and the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, I am articulating this here. I think this is a much better and succinct way of saying it.

Humanomics golden circleHumanomics golden circle


To help create impact in the social sector

This is the ultimate goal and the reason for what I am doing. I want to be part of the narrative of creating social change that has a high impact in terms of change and scale. This is in terms of people in social enterprises, or not for profits creating new programs or governments trying to figure out how and where to focus their efforts on.


Using innovation for social change

The world of social change is in dire need to rethink the way we run our programs, the way we create new programs and the way we create change. The world of business is highly successful for a reason. Apart from the market mechanisms that help power the business world there are a lot of tools, ideas, frameworks and work that has gone into making them successful. How can we use that to power the social world and create impact. In the same way, the use of design thinking works really well in the context of tackling the wicked” social problems. It’s integrating the best the world has to offer to focus on social change.


Work, blog, workshops, tools & coaching

Ofcourse, the main way to do this is through my work; current, past & future. Apart from that it is through writing this blog, conducting workshops and creating new tools or using tools from other disciplines in the social sector. 

Value Creation

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