How to stay on track with your strategy?

Now that your strategy is ready to be implemented how do you know that it is being implemented as planned and you are not being distracted by the noise and busyness of work.

Clayton Christensen suggests to focus on tracking your resources (people, time etc). Because where resources go that becomes your strategy whether you planned it that way or not.

Peter Winick provides some practical advise:

We do certain things (meetings, projects, conference calls, etc.) for the distinct purpose of moving our strategy forward. We’ve given them the thought they require, allocated the right level of resources and insure they get done on time (and hopefully on budget). Where the gap exists is the other stuff” that consistently seems to consume our time and energy. What I suggest you start to do is two things:

  1. Before you commit to anything (meaning scheduling a call, a meeting, accept an invitation to speak at any event, participate in a webinar, contribute to an article, launch a social media initiative, etc.) ask if it is positive, neutral or negative relative to your strategy. Will it get you closer to your goals or is it a distraction?


  1. Do a quick strategic audit of your calendar, Take a look at the last month or two and mark each item is positive, neutral or negative. I realize that there are many things we need to do that aren’t relative to the implementation of our strategy, but I also know that there are way too many things we commit to doing that we have control of.

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