How To Create A Culture Of Change

Understanding culture and purpose by Digital Tonto 

Yet despite what some may believe, corporations are not people.  They are a means to an end and so is corporate culture.  That’s why Catmull was able to sell through the changes in practice at Pixar, because they enabled Pixar to make better movies—the central value of the enterprise.

And that’s how you build a strong culture of change.  Culture, after all, has nothing to do with retail stores, photographic film or large, complicated machines, any more than it has to do with ping pong tables, casual workdays or pet friendly policies.  Rather, it is how an enterprise honors its mission.

Culture without a purpose, on the other hand, has no value.  It’s just a bunch of stuff that people have gotten used to.

Social and business innovation does not happen without a clear understanding of culture and changing that if required.

It makes sense to connect culture with purpose as you would do with strategy and innovation.


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