Digital Government Strategy of the US

The way I think about the strategy is that you’re really talking about three elements,” said Park, in our interview. First, it’s going mobile, putting government services at the literal fingertips of the people in the same way that basically every other industry and sector has done. Second, it’s being smarter about how we procure technology as we move government in this direction. Finally, it’s liberating data. In the end, it’s the idea of government as a platform.’”

This is an old one but as I see more of this discussion in Australia, it helps to put this out there.

Software is helping the world and from a government point of view I like the clear 3 pointed agenda for the US digital government strategy. On top of this what we require is the approach of entrepreneurship to get things done.

The Australian governments have engaged in open data thought there is more to be done to make all of it liquid machine-readable form. More focus on services going online and on smartphones. I see a real opportunity to innovate on how the procurement aspect is done. How do we engage SMEs in this space? Startups? Bring innovative entrepreneurs and innovators to work inside the government?


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