Digital Disruption - buying the book shows the disruption

I was checking out this book on Digital Disruption. As I do, I first go to Amazon and see what the reviews are and then think about where to buy. Do I need an ebook or a real book? As I was searching for the various sites, I could see digital disruption in action.

In my context, in Australia, I have the following options as you can see in the gallery below. Amazon Kindle at $6, or Book Depository with Free Shipping worldwide at $25, same as the local site FishPond with free shipping (thank god) and Booktopia at $30 with $6.50 shipping in Australia and currently not in stock.

This is the idea behind the book I guess. Not only will you be disrupted, it can come from anywhere. As an ebook or as a physical book shipped from the UK to Australia.

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