Business model Innovation at large organisations

HBR on why large organisations struggle at business model innovation:

Lack of top management support and attention 

Unlike other innovations, implementing a business model innovation often requires changes that affect multiple parts of the organizations. And while the R&D department can sponsor and push through a new product or technology, rolling out a business model innovation requires direct support from the top management.

Reluctance to experiment

Even the most brilliant business model innovation idea is just that: an idea.  It relies on a lot of assumptions and judgments, and in the absence of a crystal ball, the best tool we have is experiments. But established companies are surprisingly bad at experimenting.

Failure to pivot

Even when the company experiments with a new business model, it often fails to interpret the result of the test correctly and adjust an implementation plan accordingly. What may seem like a failed experiment might carry the message that an adjustment in the planned rollout of business model innovation is needed. And what looks like a successful test might not be really testing the most critical aspect of the business model.

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