Build products with BuzzFeed

Fascinating story :

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co., the plant-care giant, had a problem: Millennials weren’t gardening enough.

So the company turned to one of the most renowned experts on millennial behavior, BuzzFeed Inc. But Scotts didn’t just advertise on the site, known for its viral quizzes and lists. Scotts worked with a more obscure part of BuzzFeed focused on inventing new product ideas.

The result was a subscription service for Scotts called Lunarly, which mails houseplants and wellness items based on the lunar calendar. Since launching in July, Lunarly has repeatedly sold out, bringing hope that the garden company can make inroads with younger consumers.

BuzzFeed helped me build a better product and not just sell my product,” said Patti Ziegler, vice president of global marketing at Marysville, Ohio-based Scotts.

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