Beyond Design Thinking

Payne from Farenheit 212:

Payne realized ideas that design solutions for the user are still as unlikely to reach market as those created through any other method. Design thinking in the hands of brilliant designers does really good things,” he says. When it’s air lifted into other contexts, it produces a lot of heartache.”

In other words, placing too much emphasis on one side of the design equation had invited its own struggles–the most glaring being that without a viable business strategy built right into an idea at the outset, great ideas that benefit consumers would never reach those consumers.

Post-Design Innovation Payne and his team say the next chapter of design-based innovation must be two-sided.” Two-sided innovation must permeate everything from internal hiring to how you set up your offices to how you approach big meaty business problems. The business side isn’t just brought in to approve what creatives are planning, it’s part of the research and development that leads to a mutually sanctioned idea.

My journey in the last few years has been exactly this.  Bringing the inter-disciplinary approach needed to solve social challenges and design thinking is one of the ways.


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