AusGov new Digital Transformation Office

Malcom Turbull:

Modelled on the UKs hugely successful Government Digital Services, Australia’s DTO will transform service delivery, operating more like a start-up than a traditional government agency.

The DTO will be made up of small teams of developers, designers, researchers and content ­specialists who will use tech­nology to make services simpler, clearer and faster to use. It will promote a flexible and nimble culture that values principles and frameworks over rigid rules that stifle innovation.

The idea is a good one. It needs to approach the challenge differently to make a difference. Right now most govt. online services are quite hard to use and are not user friendly.

The examples of Twitter and Facebook is a good one but the key is they are designed well and solve a problem that the customers care about. Unless digital” does a job better than non-digital it is not going to work.


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