An equation for Innovation

Matt Rodhe from the Stanford d.school helps the analytical brain to understand innovation.


This is an equation where,

In = Innovative capacity of people/teams/organizations

pt = practice (cumulative sum of the team)

et = team empathy (as a function of team dynamics and motivation)

es = self empathy (as a function of self awareness and reflection)

eu = user empathy (as a function of engagement, observation and immersion)

tc = team composition (as a function of diversity in experience and personality)

io = number of original ideas generated

id = number of divergent additions on original ideas

pt(ioŸid) = pt(et+tc)

de = domain expertise

db = domain perceived need/solution bias

dc = domain contribution quotient (de/db)

and assuming the sum of es + et + eu is positively correlated to insightful inference of people’s needs.


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