In 2015, the big opportunity and the realisation I have had is this.

My focus is on helping create world class organisations that have clarity of purpose, adaptive in their approach and care about the outcomes they create. To make this happen, it will depend on people. People inside these organisations who have figured out that there is a need for change, that we need a new approach and that we need to work towards a better outcome.

You know who these people are. In some cases they are called catalysts, in others changemakers, in others troublemakers or to make it explicit we can call them Intrapreneurs. The fundamental process of entrepreneurship is what will create innovation and this passion and process of entrepreneurship is needed inside all organisations (in civil society, public service and private enterprise).

I want to work with these people. Not work harder to convince more of them to make the change, but work with the people who have made the journey themselves.

In most places I see that there are always these special people and what they need is a way to think about a new approach, a space to connect with people of their kind and my role is to support that process and amplify their work.

To build a tribe around this, to enable more of them to work through creating spaces inside organisations for innovation and to provide tools, frameworks, ways of thinking to scale that.

In the process, it provides a great opportunity for innovation and growth for myself. To connect to more people and learn from them. To work in organisations of all kinds and share the same kind of feelings when we do this and be proud of what we all achieve.


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