#Adelaide — A global mindset from Day 1

I have lived in Adelaide for 13 years now. In that 13 years I have seen a transformation of opportunities around the world. How might Adelaide capture that?

We tend to see Adelaide as this. Beautiful city. Lifestyle. Amazing place to live. I want my kids to grow up here. All true.

We need to start looking at the opportunity space differently. We need to change our mindset.

Imagine the political map of the world. Now turn it around. Australia is in the centre of the world. Adelaide is in the centre of Australia. We are in the centre of the world and not a city down under. On top of this we have the gig city.

Let’s explore global opportunities from Day 1. Let’s focus on how we can learn from and export to the world. Let’s compare ourselves to global cities. Let’s continue to live here and conquer the world!

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