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Connecting the dots

Steve Jobs in commencement speech at Stanford says that ” you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”

When I do the same for my life, I see a pattern. A pattern of the power of business thinking, the value of tools and methods used in the corporate world. I see a pattern of problems faced in rural India, in the economic development of people around the world and the problems of environmental sustainability, child protection and other social issues in developed countries. I see my world when I connect the dots backwards to be able to bring the disciplines of the business world in the social sector. I see the value in that process. I call it Humanomics.

In the same vein, the process of working in the social sector the see the value of mission, passion, focussed on outcomes and not outputs and the need to deeply understand and empathize with people as key learnings that can be learned by the corporate sector.

Social Innovation

This is where Social Innovation comes in. Social innovation is the process of addressing the world’s most pressing challenges with novel solutions that are better than current solutions, new to the world and benefit society as a whole not just a single entity

In a bigger context, the world of social problems are so intractable, that they have become “wicked” and the only way to solve them is to bring the innovative capabilities of the business, government, social and philanthropic areas together on one platform to solve them. These are beyond any one sector.

I see that innovation and value can only be created by leveraging the tools, techniques and learnings from more than one sector.

The goal of this blog is to document my learnings around this and to capture the generative knowledge as it is created and to connect with other likeminded people. Part of this will be linking to content I like and writing about stuff.

The format – the three step dance

I like blogs like Kottke.org or DaringFireball.net. Tim Carmody said this best – link/pull/response. That will be a key part of this blog apart from writing my own content.

The Why What and How of Humanomics

In starting this blog, I wrote about Humanomics and my journey into this and why I am doing what I am doing. Inspired by Ash Maurya and the Golden Circle by Simon Sinek, I am articulating this here. I think this is a much better and succinct way of saying it.


Humanomics golden circle



To help create impact in the social sector

This is the ultimate goal and the reason for what I am doing. I want to be part of the narrative of creating social change that has a high impact in terms of change and scale. This is in terms of people in social enterprises, or not for profits creating new programs or governments trying to figure out how and where to focus their efforts on.


Using innovation for social change

The world of social change is in dire need to rethink the way we run our programs, the way we create new programs and the way we create change. The world of business is highly successful for a reason. Apart from the market mechanisms that help power the business world there are a lot of tools, ideas, frameworks and work that has gone into making them successful. How can we use that to power the social world and create impact. In the same way, the use of design thinking works really well in the context of tackling the “wicked” social problems. It’s integrating the best the world has to offer to focus on social change.


Work, blog, workshops, tools & coaching

Ofcourse, the main way to do this is through my work; current, past & future. Apart from that it is through writing this blog, conducting workshops and creating new tools or using tools from other disciplines in the social sector. 


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    March 10, 2015 at 7:13 am

    Congratulations, Suhit, keep always been as leader of ecology and its sustinability.

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